We are receiving more and more enquiries directly by email and telephone from people looking for a park home to rent.

We have found approximately 127 parks renting park homes throughout the UK and by clicking on the link below, all you need to do is to refine your search by clicking on your preferred location.

However, we would like to advise that there are very few parks who rent park homes, as opposed to selling them, as a general practice. It will not be easy to find a park home to rent at the same quality as the homes you see throughout our website. Normally, the park homes that are rented are older homes on short lets. These homes have generally been purchased by the Park Owner and will be removed at some stage, when doing so would give a large enough area to redevelop, as a slow but continual programme of improvement.

If you rent a park home, you are not covered by the Mobile Homes Act 1983, but by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1988. For more information please click through on the following link:- https://www.gov.uk/park-mobile-homes/renting-a-park-home


Please click through here to discover park home estates that rent.


If you find a suitable park, please telephone them direct for their current availability

and mention the Park Home Living website. Thank you.


Park owners if you rent park homes and the name of your park is missing from our list, please advise us and we will tick the necessary box to allow your park to come up in our search results. Thank you.