The Gold Shield Ten Year Warranty is a free manufacturer's warranty for park home and holiday lodge owners, managed by a Board of Trustees and administered by the National Park Homes Council, the industry's trade body and is available on all Gold Shield Registered Parks.

gold_shield_newGold Shield operates an independent financial reserve, financed by the park home and lodge manufacturer members, which ensure that park homes registered under the warranty benefit from full structural cover for a ten year period. These benefits are provided alongside and in addition to a purchaser's rights under the law.

The warranty also covers remedial work in the event of a failure in the structure of a park home that is caused by a defect or failure in the base upon which the park home is sited. Any defect or damage to the base itself is also covered. This is a warranty provided by the Park Owners.

The lodge owner's responsibility is to ensure that good care is taken of the park home, including maintaining regularly the external walls in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

How do I obtain cover?

The first thing you need to do is confirm that the park you have chosen is registered with Gold Shield before you purchase the park hiome. You can contact Gold Shield to confirm this. This ensures that the park home complies with BS3632, the British Standard which certifies that the park home is suitable for use all the year round.

The park home will also be professionally sited in accordance with the requirements of Gold Shield and the Industry Code of Practice.

Can the cover be transferred?

If the lodge is sold during the first ten years, the remaining unexpired years may be transferred to a new owner. A change of ownership form may be obtained from Gold Shield. Once completed and returned, a new Park Home Owner's Registration Certificate will be issued by Gold Shield.

How can I register my home?

When you purchase your park home, you will receive a Home Owner's Application Form. If not, contact Gold Shield to obtain one. You and the vendor, normally the park owner, will complete the form and send it back to Gold Shield.

Gold Shield will send you a Home Owner's Registration Pack including a certificate confirming your cover and a copy of the Rules and Regulations. make sure you keep this in a safe place as it will be needed in the event of a claim. A useful folder to store these documents is available if you would like one.

What does Gold Shield Cover?

Year One - New park homes are covered by the initial manufacturer's warranty to include the whole structure of the park home and every part, component, fixture and fitting.

Year Two - Similar level of cover as Year 1, with the exclusion of any fault or defect arising from central heating boilers and controls, any electrical or gas installation with moving parts, water systems, guttering, soft furnishings/furniture, floor coverings, cosmetics and decorative fixtures and fittings.

Year 3 to 10 - You will have protection against any major inherent defect in the structure of your park home, which is defined as the load bearing parts of the floor, walls and roof. An inherent fault is defined as a fault present, but not known, at the time of the purchase.

Throughout the ten years the Park Owner warrants that it shall remedy any defect or damage to the base or to your park home where caused by the base. This is an indication only. Please refer to your Home Owner's Warranty Cover document for precise details.

Residential park homes/holiday lodges built by the following manufacturers are eligible for free registration:-

Cambrian Park Homes
Country Homes (Anglia)
Heritage Homes
Homeseeker Homes
Lindera Lodges
Lissett Homes
Manor Park Homes
Omar Homes
Pathfinder Homes
P E C Homes
Prestige Homes
Stately Albion Homes
Walker Bros.
Wessex Park Homes
Western Building


If you are a park owner and have not yet registered into the scheme, please contact

Gold Shield Warranty Scheme

21/26 Howard House, Howard Street, North Shields, Tyne & Wear NE30 1AR

Tel: 0191 259 0647  Fax: 0191 257 3025
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.